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How To Order:

ALL ORDERS ARE AT LEAST $25 – Shipping is $20. 

 LEAST You Can Spend is $45.



TXT (417) 414-0627 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s SUPER easy.  Follow 5 steps below:

1. You choose what you want from the menu slideshow. Either the $25 package or the $100 package (Our MOST POPULAR Package).

 2. Click our Pay Now button of choice & Pay for your order.

Remember: $25 package + $20 shipping = $45 spend.

You might as well buy Our $100 package since you get

 FREE shipping + Shoutout + NEW T-Shirt  +  9 Extra Snacks. 

3. TXT (417) 414-0627 & give us your INSTAGRAM or PINTEREST or TUMBLR USERNAME. Make sure you tell us what social media platform  you found us on. Get a FREE shoutout & T’shirt also sent in the mail.

4. TXT us exactly what you want & what PACKAGE of them you paid for, either $25 with $20 shipping included or $100 package with FREE shipping . (We can clearly see the transaction on our end) 

5. Lastly TXT us your mailing address where you want them sent.

YES that’s right !!

We have a DOPE points system (haha you get it?) designed to help serve our customers better.

Now you can use your redeem points to actually help purchase orders. ($100 Package ONLY


How It Works: Dead Simple

Every 2,000 Points you earn is $10 off your order.

Every 20,000 Points you earn = You Pay NOTHING = FREE Order


Follow these 4 Easy Steps

1.  Click the (Reward Points) top menu option or  just click the (Pay Without Cash) button option.

2. Once you click it either one, if this is your 1st time, you must Login & start earning points by completing the offers from the list. 

3. Make sure you take a look at the rewards in Once you have 20,000 points you can unlock the My 1st FREE Order Reward in the Rewards Tab to redeem your reward.

4. Click the Reward & it will take you to a page where we tell you what to do next to get your order in the mail.

Absolutely YES.

Our edibles are fluffy & delicous. (For best taste warm them up.)

They have a powerful kick to get you super high & satisfy your munchies at the same time. 

You may want to eat ordinary food & drink water to help you come down from your high.

If you want (Express Delivery) it’s $10 convenience fee. Make sure you pay for you order first & then Just tell us when you text us your order .